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NWCS Members Fall/Winter 2022/2023 Exhibit

"Every Picture Tells a Story Don’t It"

Rosehill Community Center Art Gallery
304 Lincoln Ave. Mukilteo, Washington 98275

Zia Gipson Astral
Andrew Miracle Industrial Intrigue
Andrew Miracle Miracle Intensified Peggy Tuttle Award
Candice Christie Serenity
Lynne Olson Touched
Lisa Snow Lady Pathway to the Castle
Lisa Snow Lady Kinsale Afternoon
Lisa Snow Lady Dingle Drive
Meryl Alcabes Reach Out
Meryl Alcabes Reach Up
Meryl Alcabes Reach For
Kathryn Kim Hanbok NW Collage Society Award
Kathryn Kim Cinderella
Kathryn Kim Blue Jacket
Nan Harty Time Two
Nan Harty Mail Order Bride
Suzanne Bailie Deco Keyhole
John Arbuckle Dead Letter Merit Award
Debbie Smith Bleeding Heart
Debbie Smith Learning From the Past
Andrea Lewicki Square One Here I Come
Andrea Lewicki Here I come Square One
Lisa Alden Searching for Cloud Nine
Lisa Alden She Dreams
Judy Bjorling Where They're From: Dayton, OH
Judy Bjorling Where They're From: St. Petersburg NW Collage Society Fall 2022 Award
Judy Bjorling Where They're From: Columbus, IN
Phyllis Moses Out of Darkness
Claudia Mazzie-Ballheim GI Joe Eleanor Wolters Smith Award
Lynette Hensley Entymologist
Elsa Bouman 1930 Gay Jensen Award
Elsa Bouman The Visit
Elsa Bouman Sum of the Parts
Chris Romine Emotions of a Designing Tailor
Nicole Mertes Mermaid
Nicole Mertes Love and the Fly-by Ballerina
Nicole Mertes Contrast
Anne La Fever All My Friends are Lizards
Anne La Fever The Bat Master
Anne La Fever The Oceanographer
Lynn Skordal The Bridegroom
Lynn Skordal Beekeeper
Stella Gausman Impending Blooms
Susie Arnold Seasons
Susie Arnold Life on Autopilot
Terrie May It's Late September
Georgia Schlegel Cupid and Psyche::Love and the Soul
Georgia Schlegel Old Patterns::New Ways
Susan Cook Once in a Blue Moon Merit Award
Cheryl Chudyk The Nuns' Faceless Children Merit Award
Cheryl Chudyk Intent
Lynn Conrad Marvet There is a Crack in Everything
Robert Stockton Indispensible Anomolies
Robert Stockton On the Threshold
Torea Frey The Perils of a Pretty Face
Torea Frey The Morning Rush Merit Award
Torea Frey Stalemate
Karin K Mueller The Sun Sets and the Moon Rises
Arlene Mraz Waiting
Gail Larson Lady of the Beach
Gail Larson Riding the Wave
Gina Hanzsek Harvesting Memories
Gina Hanzsek Home Cooking
Colleen Monette Anything Helps, Right?
Colleen Monette To Be This Hungry
Kim Weers Midday
Judith Heim Blooming
Judith Heim Jumping the Moat
Judith Noble Motel Chic
Kudra Migliaccio Flourish

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Craig van den Bosch

Mr. van den Bosch has a B.A. in Arts Educ. with a minor in English from W. Michigan Univ. and an MFA in painting from Montana St. Univ. Bozeman.

Originally from Michigan, he has lived in several cities such as San Francisco, Oakland, Minneapolis, Bozeman, and Seattle. In San Francisco, he was an assistant for two established ceramic artists. At Montana State University in Bozeman, he was an Adjunct 2D and 3D Foundations Professor. He also worked as a Museum Educator for the Seattle Art Museum before transitioning back into the classroom full time at Shorecrest High School teaching ceramics, digital photography, and graphic design.

He has experience and works in the following media: printmaking, collage-based visual narratives, ceramics, painting, sculpture, video, Adobe CC, electronic music composition, and jewelry making. He is currently represented by Shift Gallery and has exhibited in the prestigious international Seattle Art Fair in both 2017 and 2018. He is based in Seattle and lives with his wife Aerin and their two dogs Rory and Luna. IG @nanotomic

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