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Northwest Collage Society Awards

Below is a description for each of our named awards.

Peggy Tuttle Award

Peggy Tuttle was a founding member of a small but dedicated group of Northwest collagists who formed the North Coast Collage Society in 1984, as a regional affiliate of the Ohio-based National Collage Society. The name was changed later to the Northwest Collage Society. Peggy was the first treasurer of the new association and continued in that post until about 1990. She worked with rice papers, and developed delicate collages of Asian sensibilities. Peggy would be amazed and gratified at our current membership size and enthusiastic artists. We continue to honor her with the Peggy Tuttle Memorial Award.

Eleanor_Wolters SmithEleanor Wolters Smith Award

Eleanor Wolters Smith was on the original NWCS board when the group was founded in 1984. Eleanor was a transplanted New Yorker who drew fashion illustrations for Nordstrom in the 1950s–60s. She always encouraged the beginning artist enthusiastically. Eleanor used many Asian rice papers in her collages, creating artworks as elegant and colorful as she was. We continue to honor her with the Eleanor Wolters Smith Award.

Gay Jensen Award

Gay Jensen, a longtime member of the Northwest Collage Society, decided to support the NWCS with a generous monetary gift. Starting in 2014, for 10 years. Gay will provide one annual award to the NWCS Juried Shows. The Gay Jensen Award will be presented for extraordinary innovation in the world of collage. Grateful thanks from all the members of the Collage Society!

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