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NWCS Members Spring 2023 Exhibit

"Heel, Toe and Away We Go"

Fogue Studios & Gallery
5519 Airport Way South, Seattle, Washington

Kim Weers Where to Next
Arlene Mraz Waiting for Poirot
Janet Atlas Following a Pattern
Colleen Foye Bollen Perspective
Susan Cook Lovely Day, Darling
Suzanne Bailie How Swiftly
Torea Frey I Hate To Do It and Yet I Must Go
Torea Frey Dancing in the Hurricane
Torea Frey The Words of Man Eleanor Wolters Smith Award
Judy Bjorling Android Love
Judy Bjorling The Performer at Rest
Gina Hanzsek Wind Tossed
Gina Hanzsek Meet Me in Marseille
Gina Hanzsek In Tune
Anne La Fever Gender Bender Class of 1938
Anne La Fever Wonders of the World
Anne La Fever The Snake Charmers
Marilee Clarke Cheetah Walker
Marilee Clarke Stepping Out Merit Award
Marilee Clarke The Elephant in the Room
Meryl Alcabes Doing Heelies
Meryl Alcabes Tippy Toes
Karin K Mueller Beyond Stylish
Karin K Mueller Outside the Box
Karin K Mueller Beaker Babe
John Arbuckle KiKy
John Arbuckle Roy Brown Merit Award
John Arbuckle No Paps
Debbie Smith Inner Child
Debbie Smith Dance Me to the End of Love
Sarah Banks The Dance
Sarah Banks At the Well
Sarah Banks The Chase
Nelson Wilbur Merc 70 & the Flower Storm
Victoria Harrison The Big O II
Victoria Harrison Emerging
Colleen Monette Pretty Perfect
Colleen Monette Nothing to Wear Mary Merit Award
Colleen Monette Call Me
Andrew Miracle The Dream Waltz
Andrew Miracle A Day at the Races
Stella Gausman Rolling in the Jungle
Lisa Alden Dancing Forager
Lisa Alden Graceful Dancer
Lisa Alden Wisdom Seeker
Marcia Meckelson Miller Community
Connie Glinsman Heel Toe Away the Game of Life We Play
Connie Glinsman Beneath Raindrops
Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy batshitsermons 10/8
Judith Heim Midnight Pajama Walk
Judith Heim Blue Horse Cafe
Judith Heim Cats Have More Fun! NW Collage Society Spring 2023 Show Award
Lynn Skordal The Reality Show
Lynn Skordal Mare Boreum
Lynn Skordal He Could't Tell If He Was the Sky or the Blackbird
Nan Harty Old Woman in a Shoe
Robert Stockton Deluge After Drought
Robert Stockton San Andreas Two-Step
Robert Stockton Dictionary of Improbable Prototypes
Cheryl Chudyk bottom of leg, top of leg, F_THOOM! Peggy Tuttle Award
Victoria Raymond Summer in the City
Victoria Raymond Angel Food NW Collage Society Award
Martha Soriano Each Step Makes A Flower Bloom
Martha Soriano Walk And Touch Peace Every Moment
Martha Soriano Kiss The Earth With Your Feet
Elsa Bouman Gretchen Calls In Sick
Elsa Bouman Betty Always Wore The Right Shoes
Elsa Bouman Agnes Had Trouble Sleeping Merit Award
Nicole Mertes Flip that Funk
Nancy Meldahl The Sighting
Michele Unger Keel, Tow and Away She Blows
Kathy Parker The Flower Stall
Kathy Parker Single Bloom
Kathryn Kim Joy
Lynne Conrad Marvet Traveling Toes



Laura King

Laura King is an active artist whose work has been exhibited in venues across the nation, including the Nix Gallery (New York), Lillstreet Art Center (Chicago), Creative Arts Workshop (New Haven), and the Chautauqua Institute. Her work is both two- and three-dimensional.

Originally from upstate New York, Laura moved to Seattle in 2002. She teaches art at Shorecrest High School, and is the Visual Arts Specialist for the Shoreline School District. For 17 summers, Laura returned to New York to work at the New York State Summer School for the Visual Arts, serving as Assistant Artistic Director, Assistant Director of Administration, and Master Teacher.

Laura received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Following graduation, she furthered her studies in metals at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel. Laura later received her Masters in Art Education from Nazareth College in Rochester, New York. She currently resides in Seattle with her husband and two children.

Artist Statement Juror

We often both show and hide things when we allow others to peek into our lives. My work is full of layers and contradictions, protecting and revealing at the same time. I intertwine the precious and the discarded together, and explore finding a definite truth while mucking around in a mess. My work gives definition to the shapeless and the intangible, going behind what is presented, seeing through the veils, and perceiving what is hidden.

Growing up in a family of ten kids, I made art as a way to have something that was truly mine. It continues to be a place to put everything. There is so much that happens to us from day to day and we react to it, yet it does not ever seem to encompass all of our emotions and thoughts. Creating art for me is a way to get it all out at once whether it is pretty or not. It allows for thought and emotion to be expressed in a visual form.

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