NWCS Members Fall Exhibit 2019

Pacific Northwest Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum

LaConner, WA | Directions

Delorse Lovelady Catbird
Delorse Lovelady Horned Lark
Kathy Parker Medley
Colleen Monette Mrs. Mable Clark
Yael Zahavy-Mittleman Stitched Love
Yael Zahavy-Mittleman Strings Connection
Yael Zahavy-Mittlman The Orange Windows
Gail Larson Bird On A Limb
Gail Larson Zen Garden
Terry Berg Birds Sang
Terry Berg The Garden
John Arbuckle Perplexed
Nancy Meldahl Reconnaissance East
Nancy Meldahl Reconnaissance West
Marcia Douglas In the Deep
Gay Jensen Recomposed
ay Jensen Retrofit
Janice Clem Maintenance
Janice Clem Sportive, Mischievous, Tricky
Wendy James Artifact
Janet Atlas Art's & Sciences 1
Janet Atlas Art's & Sciences 2
Lynn Skordal Odalisque
Lynn Skordal Hannah Hoch Juggling
Lynn Skordal Sk8ter Boi (Pseudo Quilting)
Robert Stockton It's Just the Motion
Robert Stockton Northern Sky (December)
Robert Stockton Walking Past Silvera's
Margaret C Wheeler Shibumi
Colleen Foye Bollen Tranquility
Colleen Mazzie-Balllheim Justice For All
Michele Unger Boro # 2
Marcia Meckelson Miller 58
Marcia Meckelson Miller Very Cloudy
Barbara Matthews Quilt Memories III
Sara Goss Autumn
Sara Goss Winter
Kathryn Kim Beauty In Strength
Kathryn Kim The King's Letters
Anne La Fever Venetian Icons Meet Up
Anne La Fever Durer Selfie #ContemplatingtheUniverse
Kim Weers And Then There Was One
Kim Weers Many Cultures, One People
Leslee Currie Filaments
Leslee Currie Friendships Long Threads
Leslee Currie Shredded Yet Seamed
Gina Hanzsek Interior Design 3
Marilee Clarke Still Life
Debbie Smith Desperation
Debbie Smith Members Only
Meg Gray Failing Time
Meg Gray In Evening's Stillness
Meg Gray Red Boat
Nicole Mertes Knots



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