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NWCS Members Cancer Lifeline Collaborative Show 2023

Cancer Lifeline's Dorothy O'Brien Center

6522 Fremont Ave N. Seattle, WA

The NW Collage Society once again collaborated with Cancer Lifeline's writing group to pair poems with collages. Both poems and collages are hung at the Cancer Lifeline building.

Karen Pauley
Delorse Lovelady Angels Wings, Singing Stones, Letting the Sun Back In
Peggy Ostrander
Kathryn Kim Cut Apart
Kathryn Kim Dignity
Torea Frey Endless Vessel
Colleen Monette A Piece of the Puzzle
Colleen Monette Deep Roots
Colleen Monette Holding Myself
Colleen Foye Bollen Ride Life's Waves
Colleen Foye Bollen Always In My Heart
Nicole Mertes Risking It
Judy Bjorling Who
Peggy Champin
Marilee Clarke
Gina Hanzsek Inner Dance
Cheryl Chudyk and the grandson said "why?"
Liz Byrd The Dinner Party
Elsa Bouman The Scenic Route
Elsa Bouman Red Head
Elsa Bouman Dream Time

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